Downtown Enhancement Grants

Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. (DECI) is continuing its newest program of business and Downtown enhancement. The Downtown Enhancement Grant Application is now available for the December 1, 2018 deadline.

The Downtown Enhancement Grant program seeks to support existing downtown businesses through a $2,000 semiannual grant to further enhance the downtown aesthetic and overall quality of goods, services, and the downtown experience. The grant is available to any DECI-member business in an area of Downtown Eau Claire that has been in operation for 2 years or more. The $2,000 semiannual grant is available through 2027. This program was made possible by the sponsorships of many long-time Downtown partner businesses and families. They include:

  • Kerry Kincaid
  • Jamf
  • Kristen and Donn Dexter
  • JB Systems
  • Jill and Tom Barland
  • Royal Credit Union
  • Lissa and Tom Siedow
  • Ruder Ware
  • B~Framed Galleries
  • U.S. Bank
  • Charter Bank


DECI is now receiving applications for its first 2019 grant cycle of the Downtown Enhancement Grant program. To participate, businesses must submit an application and Enhancement Plan to DECI by December 1, 2018.

The Grant will be awarded at the Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. Board of Directors meeting at 7:30am on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.


Applications can be found here. Completed applications will include an Enhancement Plan described on the application.

Investment Areas

Enhancement Plans should incorporate at least one of DECI’s Investment Areas:

  • Creative Business Enhancement

    Whether it’s putting on an addition to a retail space, commissioning a new product or service, or further enhancing another area of the business, we want to see owners push the envelope by updating their space or creating a one-of-a-kind experience for customers. Be creative!

    Example: A yoga studio would like to expand their space to offer child care for customers and more classes.

  • Provides Community with Cultural Enrichment

    In a larger city, the opportunities on a night out are endless. We want to encourage businesses to create one-of-a-kind events or experiences that are engaging. This could include support for a unique offering or a chef who receives training abroad to enrich the quality of product sold here at home. Applications for one-time events must articulate how the broader community will be enriched by this opportunity.

    Example: Sending a chef to Italy to study – enriches our dining scene and drives demand for quality at other area restaurants.

  • Advances the Mission/Vision/Strategic Goals of Downtown Eau Claire

    Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. (DECI) is a non-profit business organization dedicated to promoting the development of business, housing, cultural resources, and activities within downtown Eau Claire. This is a broad investment area that will change depending on our current strategic goals, attached here.

    Example: A downtown business wants to expand by providing greater food options or a business wants to create more wayfinding signs to assist customers in parking.


Business owners looking to apply or who have questions can contact Ray French by phone at (715) 839-4914 or by email at