Saturday, July 9th


Uncommon Denominator is a professional cover band from Eau Claire, WI that performs nothing but the classics. They play at local bars, music venues, weddings, and other private events.


The Collective Choir is a group of people who are using soulful Gospel and Hip-hop to pull people of Eau Claire into deeper community. Together they lift up a new standard in praise to our Creator God, and his anointed one, Jesus, wherever people would invite them. They recognize our society's immediate need for genuine community, and offer people in the Chippewa Valley a place to belong without needing to 'put on a face'. They serve as a "stepping stone" into spiritual community for people who haven't experienced the Church, or who have been wounded by the Church. They are a performing ensemble and prepare to bring excellent and exuberant music to Eau Claire and the surrounding region. The music is original and covered urban gospel music, as well as arrangements of well known praise and inspirational tunes redone in a gospel style. The Choir is currently under the direction of Michael Rambo (the MRP, the Shillelagh Lads, CLC music direction - Peace Church). 


Being a river town with an outsized musical scene, you might think Eau Claire is practically a northern version of “N’Awlins”. So where are all the Brass Bands?

In Spring 2014, trombonist Tom Carlson set out to rectify the situation by starting this band with some cream-of-the-crop horn and percussion players.

Our musical roots are definitely from the Crescent City, but don’t look for run-of-the-mill dixieland here; funky R&B, afro, and mambo grooves feature prominently in our repertoire. Think Dirty Dozen, Trombone Shorty, Rebirth, and Youngblood.

Saturday, June 25th


Alma Andina combines traditional instruments from South America with Latin rhythms such as Cumbia, Salsa, Folk, Guajira, Latin Rock, Reggae, and other danceable styles. They have been playing music in the Twin Cities for more than 7 years, always evolving in their instrumentation, line up, and sound in general. With a diverse line up of members from Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the USA, Alma Andina brings a mix of musical flavors and invites the community to feel unified and represented by the beautiful and always evolving diversity.

7:45 PM: The April Fools

The April Fools began as a studio project for singer/songwriter Brian Drake, who intended to record a batch of his songs with help from a wide network of players to flesh out the tunes. Guitar, bass, and drums would be augmented by horn players, strings, woodwinds, keyboards, vocalists, and more depending on the specific song. The songs themselves spanned a broad spectrum—rock to straight-up country to alt-country/Americana to blue-eyed soul to Brit-pop to folk to 70’s AM radio and more. 

The band has achieved national and international airplay and recognition for their albums. The April Fools released their fourth studio album into the world on 11/26/2021.