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Posted: September 10, 2015 Water Street Bridge closed, businesses launch new campaign to prepare

by Kaitlyn Riley, WQOW
Water Street businesses prepare to launch a new advertising campaign with the Water Street Bridge officially closed. 
The new bridge won't debut until August of 2016. 
Mona Lisa's Restaurant owner Lisa Aspenson said she isn't expecting any change in business with the bridge closed. The restaurant is one of 18 businesses teaming up for a new campaign called 'All Roads Lead to Water Street.' It will start at the end of September and continue into the spring. 
Businesses owners said they normally pull together for advertising support in print and broadcast media, but said they will be increasing that effort with the bridge closure, and contacting more customers directly,  in the mail and online. 
"We want to make sure everybody knows that there are lots of ways to get down here and come and support the locally owned businesses that are here," Details Direct CEO Mickey Judkins said. 
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