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Posted: August 20, 2015 Eau Claire is named 4th best place to live in the nation!


In May, Outside Magazine hosted an online bracket-style poll that pitted cities against each other.  While we voted like crazy, we fell to Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the Final Four.
As a follow-up to that poll, the latest issue of Outside features a story listing "The 16 Best Places to Live in America: 2015."  Eau Claire is number 4.
Below is what the magazine has to say.

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4.  Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Stop at this riverside city of 68,000 on a summer Saturday and you'll see families lazily tubing and cyclists tackling the 30-mile rail-trail system. But what sets Eau Claire apart is its music scene, which was going strong long before native son Justin Vernon's group Bon Iver won a Best New Artist Grammy in 2012. Things got louder this July, when Vernon debuted his Eaux Claires Festival, with acts like Sufjan Stevens and the National joining his band. We checked in with Vernon to find out what makes Eau Claire so special. -S.P.
OUTSIDE: What's your favorite local activity? 
VERNON: Canoeing the Flambeau River and jumping in the lakes up by New Auburn. No question. 

Did the town play a role in your musical education, or are you just a talented guy who happened to grow up there? 
The public-education system in our great state was really and truly unmatched when I was in high school. I honestly feel as if I was receiving master's-level music education.
Is the festival your way of giving back? 
It isn't just me. It's the whole squad, from the sheriff's department to town hall to the security guards keeping us safe. It's a gift, but everyone's giving it to each other. 
I read that you moved to North Carolina for a while but returned to Eau Claire. How come?
The way the water tastes. The way the spring thaws and smells. The fact that it gets so cold in the winter. I was homesick.
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