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Posted: August 19, 2015 Latitude 44 Open for Business

On Monday August 17th Downtown Eau Claire hosted a Ribbon Cutting for Latitude 44 Yoga Studio. Amy Erickson, the owner of Latitude 44 says the studio will be the only hot yoga studio within a 70 mile radius and the only yoga studio in the area to offer a full class schedule. 

Latitude 44 will be using state of the art infrared heating panels to heat the space.  Infrared heat heats objects rather than air, which is contrary to what conventional heat does.  This makes the heat more tolerable allowing people to be more comfortable.  Erickson says infrared heat is often used for therapeutic reasons and is soothing, similar to the feeling of sitting in the sun on a summer day!

Offering a variety of classes, Latitude 44 is focused on a holistic approach to overall wellbeing, from prenatal yoga to hot yoga. Erickson says the studio has a place for beginners and those who are more advanced. Erickson hosted Yoga on the Bridge as part of Summer Fest on August 1 in cooperation with Downtown Eau Claire.  The first time popular event had about 50 participants.    


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