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Posted: August 13, 2015 Lesser Evil Tattoo introduces clothing line to downtown shop

The fellows at Lesser Evil Tattoo are expanding into the former Buddha’s hookah lounge next door on 507 S. Barstow St. in order to sell their new line, WisconSIN Clothing. The line got its unofficial start this past Jan. and started to kick off in April, according to Lesser Evil Tattoo artists, Jesse McNamara and Brandon Knoellinger.

“We’re just younger and want to bring our style. A lot of that stuff you can’t find anywhere else,” McNamara said.

The emphasis on the sin in their logo is to play on the word, according to Knoellinger. He is not a Wisconsin native and said it is a joke that other people from outside the state often emphasize the last syllable in the state’s name. Their clothes are about anything customers want it to be.

“We’re edgy and hip, but also for mom, grandma and babies,” said McNamara.

All a customer has to do is select the design and what article of clothing they want and it can be made in front of them at the store.

“Anything you think you can put on clothing, we do,” Knoellinger said.

Both McNamara and Knoellinger said they want their business to be community based. They will be sponsoring this year’s Tuesday Blues at Owen Park and also sponsor local musicians such as Cudlino, Jake Lacoste, DJ Penguin, and work with Elevated Entertainment and A Lost Connection. A section in their store will have merchandise dedicated to local sports teams like Eau Claire Crush, Eau Claire Express and the Chippewa Valley Predators.

“It’ll be a fun, awesome addition to downtown,” McNamara said.

The clothing line’s big break came when Emily Elegado, from Ink Masters, a tattooing competition series reality show on Spike, discovered their label and gave them a shout out. With that and their sponsorship of locals and their events, the brand has caught on quickly with community.  Knoellinger said he has even had a client request a tattoo of their logo.

Other work they have done was design shirts for pub crawls downtown; and autism awareness, sponsor volleyball teams and even local race car drivers. 

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