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Posted: June 24, 2015 El Patio's new location recreates atmosphere for customers


It has been a few months since El Patio reopened and customers are enjoying the complete transformation. From new logos, tables, and chairs, to additions in the menu and bar, El Patio has become an entirely different restaurant.

“People are really responding to just a whole new restaurant. I think it gives us a whole different atmosphere than what we had before,” Lizzie Castro said, who owns El Patio with her husband.

Castro said they wanted to draw more people in and be able to give more to their customers with the makeover.

Since reopening, William Ruiz Santos, Manager of El Patio, said the biggest change is how busy they have been. He had to hire an extra four servers and two bartenders or they would not have been able to handle the extra crowds.

Another change is El Patio has become a place for people to gather to watch sporting events on television.  The bar also received some new additions with a tap, which features 12 different beers, and tequila flights for sampling.

“Our goal is to make it big,” Santos said.

Smaller changes included adding variety to the menu, such as chicken wings and more vegetarian dishes, as well as offering different portions. Customers have liked the changes.  

“When El Patio closed, I was crushed. I really love my burritos; the warm medley of the tortilla shell, sour cream, chicken, and mild sauce compare to no other. Since reopening, I’ve been there multiple times and I really enjoy the new hopping atmosphere,” said UW-Eau Claire student, Beth Nettesheim.

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