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Posted: June 18, 2015 Ambient Ink's new location offers a look behind the screens

The fifth block of Water Street is about to get livelier. The building with the mysteriously white-covered windows is in the works of becoming home to Ambient Inks. Tucked away in Banbury Place for three and a half years, Ambient Inks has moved to 524 Water St. They are currently open for orders and in the process of opening a retail store early this summer that will serve as a collaborative outlet for artists, those in design and creators of all kinds.

For those unfamiliar with who they are, may be familiar with their work.  Ambient Inks is the screen print shop that got their big break when Bon Iver themselves asked them to print merchandise for them three years ago. With the excitement around Eaux Claires' festival coming up, you might also recognize their contribution to the event.

"We're primarily focused on the music industry, but not limited to it. With the new location, we're hoping to market more toward businesses and the University," Aaron Brice, Chief Printing Officer of Ambient Inks, said. 

Ambient Inks also prints for Volume One's Local Store and has made contributions to downtown businesses including Just Local Foods, Revival Records and The District Company. They have also done work for the Eau Claire Marathon and student organizations at UW-Eau Claire and UW-Stout.

Brice said the main reason for the move was they wanted the added exposure while staying downtown. The large windows inside and out the shop allow people passing by to look in and see how they create their work on printing presses in the back. The new building offers more room for them to complete merchandise orders and offer a collaborative space for employees, such as a kitchen and office--which they did not have at their previous home.

"We were so confined and trapped before. Now we can actually do more of what we want," Brice said.

Ashley Raymond, Merch Manager of Ambient Inks, said they want to show they are a "really open, transparent company," explaining other print shops are more behind the scenes, but with the larger space and windows, people can see their work in progress.

"We're really excited to be a part of the block and create one more attraction for people to come see downtown," Raymond said.

With the new space, Ambient Inks will also collaborate with Knorth Studios, a relative company of Ambient Inks, offering video, web development, photography and branding as additional services to customers.

Brice said they are all excited to give back to downtown Eau Claire and bring something different for people to experience.

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