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Posted: June 10, 2015 Housing popularity leaves no homes to tour

It's a great problem to have: residential living in downtown Eau Claire is full, but that means there aren't any open spaces that people can take a peek at. 

After discussions taking place over several months, Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. has cancelled its Urban Living Tour.  It's a home tour of downtown living spaces that's held every other June.  Economic Development Director and DECI Executive Director Mike Schatz says the vacancy rate currently sits at zero to one percent. 

"The cancellation is a good news, bad news thing," he said.

According to Schatz, with efforts made over the years, there are more 300 people living downtown. It has become a national trend for people to flock back to urban centers and that trend has hit Eau Claire.  Dean Peterson, Property Manager at Moeding Partners, said downtown occupancy typically fills up quickly.

"The last three years I've been here, we've pretty much maintained 100 percent occupancy...I keep a pretty full waiting list. There's a lot of interest," Peterson said.

There are roughly 130-140 people living in the Commonweal Development apartments and some months, one unit will be open, according to Peterson. The apartments attract a diverse group of people, Schatz said, including young professionals, singles, young married couples and retired people.

"I think people enjoy mixing it up with certain age groups," Schatz said.

People also appreciate living at the apartments because they are closer to nightlife, trails, attractions and their places of employment, Schatz added. Peterson had similar points.

He added "it's just the closeness to everything, being able to walk to places. I don't really get any negativity from people about living there."

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