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Posted: May 27, 2015 Summer bus route through downtown Eau Claire gets OK

By Leader Telegram staff

A new bus route to run through downtown this summer has been approved by the Eau Claire Transit Commission. 

Commission member Jackie Pavelski said the 4.1-mile route would start at the transit station and run to State Street, across the bridge and onto Water Street, up to Lake Street and over to Carson Park before circling back around. 

Chairwoman Donna Berry was particularly excited for the Carson Park route, which she said will make it easier for families to visit the area. 

"I think it will enhance the downtown experience," she said. 

The fare is 50 cents for everyone, which Pavelski called a "reduced rate." Currently the cost is $1.50 per ride, or 75 cents for senior citizens and people with disabilities. While no official start date has been established, Pavelski expects the new route to be open once school lets out in mid-June. 

Berry said drivers normally assigned to the No. 9 route, which runs partially through downtown when school is in session, will be reassigned to the new route.

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