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Posted: May 27, 2015 Disc golf shop finds success with new location on Water Street

Warmer weather is coming to Eau Claire, which means Disc Golf 365 opened its new location just in time this past March. Ultimate Frisbee and disc golf have gained increasing popularity among college students, making the former Raspberry Reign on Water St. a perfect home for their business.

“This is basically the best location we could get for our business. Aside from literally being on a disc golf course, Water St. is our demographic. Age wise, just lifestyle wise, it’s where we want to be,” said Mitch Maloney, co-owner of Disc Golf 365.

Maloney said with just the visibility alone, they save time and money on marketing. He added with the location, they hope to get more involved with the community by hosting events, such as tournaments and having Thursday night disc golf leagues to help grow the sport in the area.

Maloney said it is important to him to help out small businesses out, which is why Disc Golf 365 sells local musicians’ apparel and local artists’ work in their store. He also invites friends of his to paint their window display and eventually the walls inside the shop.

“It’s always kind of been my dream to eventually open up a store and help out everyone I know,” he said, adding it is about “realizing the power of partnerships.”

Because of complications with their previous location’s landlords, Maloney and co-owner Steve Kuzenski were forced to use their garage for business and were ecstatic to find their new location at 310 Water St.

“We had an exciting transition, really. Just to get down here in a really popular spot. There’s so much traffic here, it’s amazing,” Maloney said.

He added even if everyone walking by their shop does not stop in, they still know where they are, which makes an impact.

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