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Posted: May 20, 2015 Saxy Salon gets trendy with expansion and new accommodations

Saxy Salon is getting fancy with a few additions and décor, now that they have tripled in size with their latest expansion. Their services previously offered hair, waxing and spray tan, though now they are able to provide manicures and pedicures, tanning and even red light therapy. Not to mention, they will be doing so in style.

"We were just up to our max of what we could do before," Alisha Rosenbrook, owner of Saxy Salon said, "We got asked often if we offer tanning services and the space became available, so we decided to do it."

A former laundromat next door was turned into a series of rooms for each tanning bed, themed to a different "city." Clients have the option to "escape" to different destinations when they tan, including Las Vegas, Bora Bora, Paris, Cancun, andTokyo, which is the room with the red light therapy bed.

According to Rosenbrook, Saxy Salon will be the only salon in the area with a red light bed. Red light beds are different than tanning beds, because they're a dermatology treatment that doesn't use UV rays and doesn't tan. The purpose of the beds is to reduce wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines, treat acne, psoriasis and even repair sun damage. The only other places to go for a red light bed in Eau Claire would be at Mayo Clinic or a dermatology clinic, which Rosenbrook says would have a higher cost.  There will be a room for body waxing and for spray tans, as well.

Rosenbrook is also bringing a trend from larger cities to Eau Claire. Colour bars are appearing in more salons, where stylists can mix hair dye in front of clients. Rosenbrook said what's great about a colour bar is that if a stylist needs to remix or get new dye, they don't have to leave, and will spend more time with their client. It makes the salon experience more personal.

The salon now includes two manicure tables. Those who ask for a pedicure will be treated to sit in a large white throne-like chair with vessel-bowl sinks that resemble waterfalls.

Rosenbrook said she is excited to include the new accommodations because they're able to provide more for their customer's needs, as well as bring in new customers by offering more services.

Saxy Salon's grand opening was May 1 and it's located at 329 Water Street.

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