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Posted: April 17, 2015 Watch the WEAU video about this year's Our City Spring Clean Up


Downtown Eau Claire is seeking help for its annual spring clean up event.

The city is looking for about 400 volunteers to assist. The event is coming up Saturday, May 16. Volunteers will be cleaning windows, sweeping, picking up trash and planting flowers throughout downtown. They will also help several non-profit organizations.

"There's always some work that might not get done otherwise that we don't have a chance to get done downtown, like painting railings and making things look a little bit better and brighter for everybody when they come downtown and enjoy Eau Claire while they are here," Salina Heller, with Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. said.

The cleanup starts ar 8:00am and runs until about noon.

Click here to watch the WEAU video about the 2015 Our City Spring Clean Up!

Also, if you'd like to volunteer simply signup here.

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