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Posted: April 8, 2015 New banners placed on Downtown streets

Drivers, walkers, and bikers will notice new banners on some downtown Eau Claire streets today! Brand new vinyl banners will go up on South Barstow, Street, Farwell Street, and Graham Avenue.  The banners boast Eau Claire's honor as an All-America City Award winner.

Pursuing the award for the first time, the city of Eau Claire was chosen as one of the elite ten municipalities that demonstrated "innovation, inclusiveness, civic engagement, and cross-sector collaboration."  The focus was on successful efforts to address the underlying conditions that affect the health of communities.

As per the requirements of the award, the logo, with the city, and the year it was won, must be shown on all materials.  It's an honor that can be displayed for many years.

The South Barstow BID purchased the banners, with some of the money coming from the All-America City funds.  The general banners are typically up February through November.  Holiday banners decorate the streets in the winter months.  The banners will replace the orange and blue Downtown Eau Claire banners that have been adorning the streets since 2009.

Also on Wednesday, some banners featuring the Eau Claire Jazz Festival will go up. These are new as well, and will be up through April 17th.  The festival, in its 58th year, will be re-creating the historic 52nd Street of New York City, and turn Downtown Eau Claire into a jazzy nightclub scene. 

There will be 38 banners featuring 52ndStreet.  With a donation by Downtown Eau Claire, Inc., Eau Claire Jazz Festival purchased the banners.  After Jazz Fest, the complete set of 60 All-America City banners will be placed.

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