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Posted: April 27, 2012 DECI and South Barstow BID to Unveil Downtown Master Plan

DECI and South Barstow BID to Unveil Downtown Master Plan


Come and see what everyone will be talking about!  Downtown Eau Claire is growing and changing, and its future could be guided by the conceptual ideas of a Master Plan commissioned by DECI and the South Barstow Business Improvement District!  It's an exciting time!

The ideas of a Downtown Master Plan, will be unveiled next Thursday, May 3rd, at the RCU Corporate Center.  The plan pertains to the S. Barstow Street area, in which the boundaries in the plan cover the Eau Claire River to the north, Lake Street to the South, Dewey Street to the east, and the Chippewa River to the West.   

Phil Johnson, Landscape Architect of Ayres Associates, and Designer and Landscape Architect Garret Perry of Design Studio will be among a team of consultants and designers that will explain the project and discuss sketches that have been developed to enhance a thriving Downtown Eau Claire.  The team was directed and hired to develop the plans by DECI and the S. Barstow bid earlier this year.

The conceptual Master Plan, as it relates to the S. Barstow area, presents a vision of what Downtown can become.  The potential realization of that vision will be the result of thousands of actions made by both the public and private sectors.  It can provide a framework for coordinating and integrating future development in a way that will allow Downtown to reach its full potential.

We thank those who have participated in discussions, attended meetings, and contributed comments.  Those insights, ideas, and constructive criticism were invaluable in the preparation of this conceptual plan that will give us some thoughts on our future.  We hope everyone continues to be actively engaged in making Downtown an exciting and vibrant place! 

Please join us as DECI and the S. Barstow BID's Downtown Master Plan is unveiled!  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

RCU Corporate Center, Eau Claire River Room 

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. 

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