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Posted: April 4, 2012 Volume One Announces Relocation

By Nick Meyer, Editor/Publisher, Volume One

Starting in June 2012, Volume One will have a new, permanent home in downtown Eau Claire.  And the community will have a new place to hang.

We figure the 10-year mark is a pretty good time to make some upgrades, so we're taking this opportunity to announce some big changes for Volume One - changes not just for our staff, but to what our organization can offer this community. It all hinges on our relocation to a new facility in June, just about three blocks away from the space we've been in on Barstow Street since 2006. We've been building towards this move for a few years, and while we'll have some new challenges, the new building - at 205 N. Dewey Street - will solve a whole slew of problems for us and create some major new opportunities. If you've seen our current space on Barstow you know it's a fun and unique environment - but at this point we've pretty much shoe horned ourselves in there. We have no place for meetings and we're renting a separate storage space for all our event gear. Getting it all under one roof with some room to grow will get us pointed in the right direction going forward.


For the full article, please go to the Volume One website.

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