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Posted: January 6, 2015 Snow Removal for Downtown!

There will be snow removal downtown over the next couple of days. That means there will be NO PARKING on certain streets.

(Click on the picture to the right for snow hauling information)

TOMORROW, JANUARY 7TH, there will be no parking starting at 8am on:

Barstow Street from Riverfront Terrace to Lake Street...
Eau Claire Street Dewey Street to Graham Avenue
Grand Avenue from Dewey Street to dead end
Dewey Street from Eau Claire Street to Gray Street
Riverfront Terrace from Madison Street to Wisconsin Street
Riverfront Terrace from Wisconsin Street to Barstow Street
(not in front of RCU or JAMF Software)

Crews will open the areas back up as soon as possible.
Please note there will be other streets affected on Thursday.



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