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Posted: October 28, 2014 Give input in Downtown Parking Survey

Participate in the Comprehensive Downtown Parking Study Survey 

Consultants are currently completing a Comprehensive Downtown Parking Study for the City of Eau Claire. As a part of the study, they are asking for input on the downtown parking experience. If you travel downtown daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, your feedback on parking is important. The survey is in a multiple choice format and asks questions such as:

• What best describes your interest in downtown Eau Claire?
• How often do you visit downtown?
• What distance is acceptable to you to walk to your destination from where you park?

As the City looks to improve parking in the downtown area, it's vital to take the citizens, business owners, employees, and all downtown visitors into consideration. The survey results will be incorporated into the Comprehensive Downtown Parking Study, which will be completed in December, 2014.

Here's the web address to take the survey:

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