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Posted: July 31, 2014 West Grand businesses help Theatre Guild pay for a new roof

Businesses along West Grand Avenue are coming together to help the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild in its time of need. On May 29, the West Grand Avenue Business Improvement District (BID) voted to approve a loan to the theatre of $5,000.  What's more, the Guild's neighbors are going to help make payments on that loan.


"So far, six generous businesses/individuals in the West Grand Avenue BID will be contributing payments toward the loan in a rotation to the Theatre Guild to help pay off the loan," said Ann Sessions, Executive Director of the Theatre Guild.

 Those include the Court 'n House; Web Hart and Herrick & Hart Law Office; Lenmark-Gomsrud-Linn Funeral Home, and Marty and Everett Blakeley and Quality Management Services. The remainder of the payments will be made by the Theatre Guild.

 "I was very touched by the generosity of the West Grand Avenue BID businesses and their support of us. Each of us wants the others to succeed and it shows. Their support of the Theatre Guild will literally affect thousands of community members and we couldn't be more proud to be a part of this historic area of downtown," said Sessions.


 It is a three-year no interest loan that will go towards the "Raise the Roof Campaign" fund to replace the 50-year-old roof at the Grand Theatre.  The goal is to raise a total of $20,000 for the roof replacement


"The more we could support our block, the better, because we don't want to see our neighbors close their doors," said Laura Giralamo owner of Court 'n House and West Grand Avenue BID member


Giralamo said it was Marty Fisher-Blakely who brought it up at the meeting and asked everyone what they could do to help the theater out. They felt CVTG would help if another business was in their place, and that they would be good neighbors to them.

Giralamo said they are currently making a schedule for anybody in the district who wants to contribute to the loan and will take a turn in paying.

The building's original roof is 50 years old and past repairs are not enough to keep the roof going anymore. Some of the ceilings are damaged and water has running into the lobby.

The money will help pay for removing the old roof and replacing it with an energy efficient rubber roof this summer. The roofer will also finish the chimney and insulate the building, which currently has no insulation. Replacement for the roof will begin Aug. 4, said Sessions.

Giralamo said "it's not tons of money, but if we could all pitch in...a little can go a long way." 

If you're interested in helping, contact the Theatre Guild at 715-832-7529.

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