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Posted: July 17, 2014 More public parking near Phoenix Park

There's a new parking lot to park in if you're heading to the Downtown Farmers Market, area businesses, going to Phoenix Park, or visiting friends.

Land owned by the City of Eau Claire and Xcel Energy has been used to build a new parking lot on the corner of Forest and Madison Streets. The lot is designed for public and city parking for nearby businesses as well as those who work the Farmers Market.

City engineers and Xcel officials collaborated to ensure more accommodation for users of Phoenix Park and the Farmer's Market, while also maintaining Xcel's access to its electrical substation serving downtown.

"The City and Xcel Energy just needed time to reach an agreement," said Doug Derks, Deputy City Engineer.

People who often use the park have wanted more parking, said Diedre Barrickman, Manager of the Downtown Farmers Market.

"We are thrilled about getting a parking lot across the street from the Farmer's Market," said Barrickman.   She said people will love the convenience.

The spot is also right next to the walkway that leads under the bridge and into the park, so people do not have to cross the street and can walk right to the park, which can help increase traffic to the area.

The City of Eau Claire paid for the parking lot with the help of a $50,000 contribution from the North Barstow- Medical Business Improvement District, according to Derks. The new lot is equipped with 52 stalls under the work of Haas Sons, Inc. contractors and will be open to the public all of the time.

The parking lot opened at the end of June.  

Lighting for the lot will soon be added.

"The light poles and fixtures are being ordered and will be installed after they are delivered to the City," said Derks.


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