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Posted: July 10, 2014 Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce celebrates 100 years


Beginning as an organization that wanted a better Eau Claire in 1914, the Eau Claire Area
Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month.
"Not only has the Chamber made it 100 years, but we have many businesses that are members of the Chamber that have been in Eau Claire for 100 years or more, so it is very significant," said Bob McCoy, Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.
"I would say it represents the strength of the business community in Eau Claire that many
of us have been able to survive for that many years and stay strong," said Cheri Weinke,
Communications and Operations Director.
"We are an organization of Chamber members, so it's truly the members that make up the strength of this organization," said Weinke.
McCoy said the Chamber faced two world wars, depressions, and some recessions, yet
 their membership 
continued to grow, showing the strength of the organization.
"Our membership has doubled in 20 years. It has grown to its highest level ever in the last four months and I think that's a good indication of the overall economy," said McCoy.
Over the years, the Chamber has provided programs to help its members and the workforce. Leadership Eau Claire, Real Life Academy, and Young Professionals of the Chippewa Valley are a few examples.
"I think the biggest change is the Chamber has become more involved with public policy," said McCoy.
The Chamber is celebrating its anniversary by hosting an open house event July 14 for Chamber members and invited guests. There will be door prizes, a parade led by Eau Claire Jazz Inc., and   100 years of music arranged by DJ D-Train.

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