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Posted: June 26, 2014 Cupcakes keep their presence in downtown floral shop

The delectable 'red velvet' and 'vanilla sparkle' cupcakes that a local dessert
shop has always been known for, can still be found downtown. 

The shop moved out of downtown early last year to its Seymour Road location, where it has been baking for the last several years. However, some of the treats, like cupcakes, can still be purchased downtown, at Avalon Floral. 

"We're like a distributor for Dessert First," said Barb Dresel, a designer at Avalon Floral, located on 504 Water St.

Dresel said they approached the owners of Dessert First, because they
thought it would be a good mix. It's helped their business because a lot of people come in for the cupcakes and will often walk out with flowers as well.
"Part of being a businessman in Eau Claire is trying to hit the hot spots," said Duane Pocernich, co-owner of Dessert First.
What that means for Dessert First owners is selling their baked goods at
their other location on 2425 Seymour Rd. and downtown. 

Pocernich said they had known Sandra O'Connell, owner of Avalon Floral, and she decided to help them sell their cupcakes at her floral shop. A perk of selling cupcakes there, Pocernich said, is that Avalon is able to do deliveries if customers wish. 

"Cupcakes just fit better in flower shops, not art shops," said Pocernich, "there is more exposure to the college scene, and it is more of a tourist shop." 

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