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Posted: June 20, 2014 JAMF Sofware shows off new building

JAMF Software employees, developers, and some community members were invited to take a look inside the JAMF Software office building that's in the process of being built on Riverfront Terrace last Friday.

Interesting highlights of the building:

The Bike Room-indoor bike storage for employees with wall-mounted bike racks and a compressed air hose reel

Rented space-the majority of the first floor will be rented out

Call rooms-there will be 50 call/conference rooms in the building, and will showcase commissioned works of local art on the walls

The Patio-there will be outdoor seating and it will be used as an outdoor work space; on the fourth floor

Bathrooms-feature tiles handmade by a Minneapolis company that employs EC graduates

The Lantern-a vertical series of conference rooms that will remain lit at night, giving one corner of the building the look of a glowing lantern     

Exterior-stone was mined in Wisconsin; brick was made in Iowa and South Dakota

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