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Posted: June 20, 2014 Law practice strives to bring businesses downtown

In its move to downtown Eau Claire, a local law practice has grown. Spangler Flory, LLP, formerly on 4410 Golf Terrace and now located at 526 Water Street has been around for three years. Members from different firms decided to come together to form a business they felt could better serve client's needs. There were originally six, now there are eight in the practice. 

William Spangler, an attorney at the firm, says the partners view the practice as a "one-stop shop," because they practice many areas, including commercial litigation, foreclosures, bankruptcy or "anything you can relate to business," added Laurie Klinkhammer, attorney of Spangler Flory. 

Spangler said the biggest reason for choosing Water Street was that it was important for them to be a part of the community.

"Moving downtown kind of put us in a neighborhood, where we actually have neighbors that are small businesses like us, and we basically had that sense of being part of the community and part of the city," said Spangler. 

"There are many positives about each location and we just felt like this had a lot of positives to offer," said Klinkhammer. Spangler said they felt they were taking a chance doing something different, but so far all of his clients have been excited about the idea because downtown needs more businesses in the area. 

With more people working there, they will buy lunch, grab coffee or stop at a shop on their lunch break. That also brings in clients who do the same. 

"Here you can walk out the door and walk a block, and there are a number of  places you can have lunch," said Brian Nodolf, attorney of Spangler Flory. 

"That's what brings downtowns back," according to Spangler. He said there is a nice mix of students who contribute to the community, but it is also vital to have support from professionals with disposable income who can bring in other amenities some adults look for in a downtown area. He's hoping other businesses will notice and think "that isn't a bad idea."

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