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Posted: June 5, 2014 Final touches added to S. Barstow

The finishing touches are being put on S. Barstow Street. The last of
the amenities are getting placed.
Doug Derks, Deputy City Engineer, said all of the new benches have
been installed along with all but five garbage cans. Derks said the new sculptures of Sculpture Tour Eau Claire has them altering their planned layout, because of the placement of the sculptures.
Derks said they are still working on possible locations for bike racks
and it may take some time to get those in. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission recently identified 50 locations that racks could be beneficial. Members of the South Barstow Business Improvement District are looking those locations over, and then city engineers will talk with individual business owners about placement if they would be nearby. The city has been installing the amenities to make sure they coordinated with other amenities around them and that other businesses liked them.
Money for the benches, garbage receptacles, and bike racks came from a streetscape assessment to the property owners on S. Barstow

People are enjoying the new benches that are being placed on S. Barstow Street. There will be a total of 17 benches once they are all installed.

There are 12 existing bike racks that were previously donated and are
being re-powder coated. An additional 12 racks are being purchased, for
a total of 24 racks on S. Barstow Street.
Bob Eierman, chair for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory
Commission, said without the bike racks installed, people are locking their bikes to trees, benches or anything stable, which can be detrimental
to the trees.
Eierman said the bike racks are important for downtown. He said they
would "encourage people to use their bikes more, have less cars, and it would reduce congestion on the streets. We also don't want the bikes up on the sidewalks because they get in the way of pedestrians."
Derks said the amenities make better flow for traffic and transportation.
Mike Carlson, President of the South Barstow BID, said they hoped to
make the finishing touches last year, but it carried into this year, partly because of the harsh winter this year and repairs had to be done by a contractor.
"It's exciting for us, it's been a long time coming," said Carlson.
"These all match, they're all new. We selected these that we thought
looked good with the street," said Carlson.
Eierman said the bike racks to be installed are unlike the typical bikeracks because they are inverted U's, to look "a little more attractive for the most part." Eierman said some of the business owners are interested in having bike racks outside their businesses, in order to provide the option of biking downtown for their patrons. Eierman said the idea is simply to create the most enjoyable downtown experience.

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