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Posted: May 29, 2014 Changes coming to Water St. bridge

Water Street Bridge slated for rebuilding in 2015 


Taken from WQOW TV-18 - By Jesse Yang
On Wednesday, the Waterways and Parks Commission will discuss plans to rebuild the Water Street Bridge. The City of Eau Claire said the new bridge will be 64 feet wide and over 715 feet long.

David Solberg, the City of Eau Claire's city engineer, said, "The new bridge will be wider, we'll have on-street bike lanes, we'll have sidewalks. It'll have decorative lighting that matches the lighting on Thorp Drive. It'll have decorative rail. The new bridge will have form liners, so the form liners of the Water Street Bridge will match the form liners on the bridge that connects Boyd Park with the Chippewa River State Trail. So it'll be a much nicer bridge when its completed."

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation plans to begin construction in the fall of 2015 and have the project completed by the fall of 2016. The project will cost $8 million. The City of Eau Claire is responsible for $1.5 million of that.

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