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Posted: May 29, 2014 RCU turns 50 this year


Royal Credit Union celebrating 50th anniversary

Royal Credit Union has made noticeable differences the past 50 years. RCU began as a small credit union in an Eau Claire tire plant and transformed to a corporate center, located in Phoenix Park. 

"The growth of this company over the past 50 years has been remarkable," said Jennifer McHugh, community relations manager of RCU. 

The company started out with 619 members in 1965 and has reached to over 150,000 today and expanded into numerous community outreach programs as well, according to their website's history book. 

McHugh said technology was one of the more dramatic changes over time. Today, customers can deposit a check by taking a photo of it with their phone and sending it to RCU, which was not imaginable in the beginning. 

Another great change for RCU was building the corporate center in Phoenix Park. 

"The impact this building has had on the community and just how vibrant this area has become because the leaders of RCU took a chance in 2005," McHugh said. 

RCU's location helped encourage more business to come to the downtown area. Team members are proud of their building and its impact on revitalizing the community. 

McHugh said their company not only "survived, but thrived" over the years. 

"Everyone who has been a member of this credit union should be celebrating with us," she said. RCU's official birthday was Apr. 14, but they are celebrating year round.

Jennifer McHugh, of RCU, looks through a book that has a compiling of clippings and advertisements from RCU's early days.

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