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Posted: May 7, 2014 Downtown businesses move on to help Confluence move forward

The last of the businesses on the first block of S.Barstow Street are now moved out. All the renters have relocated or are determining what their next step is. The building complex has been handed over to Commonweal Development by the former landlord, John Mogenson, in order to make way eventually for the mixed-use building of the proposed Confluence Project. 

In January, the four businesses still in the complex, Puckabees, the Christian Science Reading Room, Scandinavian Imports, and Upland Distributing, received letters to move out by March 31.

Stuart Schaefer, president of Comonweal Development, said demolition of the properties will begin "possibly as early as this summer."

Schaefer said they plan to take buildings down this summer and begin construction this fall.

"There are still some things up in the air, we have no set schedule yet," he said.

Three of the last four businesses have relocated. Scadinavian Imports is the only one that doesn't have a location. Acccording to a handwritten note on the door, the store is temporarily closed untl the owner finds a new location. Puckabees is now at 515 S.Barstow  and the Christain Science Room has also moved down the road to 417 S.Barstow. The shift for the business owners, however has not been easy.

John Hegenbart, owner of Upland Distributing said what made it so difficult to find a new place for his business was the "combination of the right fit and short period of time to get moved in."

"We were initially told by the landlord that we had more time. But then the same week we recieved letters that we were going to have to move."

Hegenbart has now moved to 3540 Jeffers Rd, although said relocation has involved a lot of time and expense. He tried to find a location in order to stay downtown, but wasn't able to find the right fit for the needs of the business.

On relocation, Hegenbart said "it is what it is," and he will continue to move forward.

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