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Posted: April 21, 2014 Art and cupcakes add tea to their mix

Tea will join with desserts, a little pizza, and some art.  Infinitea, also known as Half Moon Tea & Spice, has recently moved from its newly-painted building on E. Grand Avenue to join with other shops on S. Barstow Street.


The new address is 204 S. Barstow, which is also home to benny Haha Arts and Gourmet Desserts.

"The biggest reason is just better foot traffic," said Colin Carey, manager of Infinitea.

Carey said they get a good amount of visitors when people walk by in the summer, but a lot of people mainly walk around on Barstow Street.  "There's better visibility." Infinitea.  Carey also said it's to promote more engagement with other businesses and community members.


 "Things will be different certainly," said Nick Naumaun, a "barteasta" at Infinitea.  

Besides baked goods and art supplies, with Pizza Plus adjoining, Carey said they may add more food items to the menu.


Carey said he is not exactly sure what the expanded menu will have yet. There is a possibility of hot or cold sandwiches and soup, or it may be larger food items. It will for sure be kind of an "extended breakfast menu," Carey said.


He said they're also considering expanding their coffee selection in the future, and perhaps making store hours earlier, for people to stop by on their way to work.

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