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Posted: April 14, 2014 EC City Council reviews parking ramp options


By Andrew Dowd
Leader-Telegram staff
City plans for a new parking ramp in the North Barstow area are larger and costlier than one proposed last summer, but city leaders said they also allow for more private development and blend in better with Phoenix Park.


The City Council reviewed plans Monday night for the proposed ramp, which would require a later vote before building could commence.

"I wanted to give you guys a heads-up to know we've been talking to the stakeholders," city engineer Dave Solberg said to the council.

The city's been in talks with RCU and JAMF Software - two businesses that are located next to the ramp's proposed site. They have agreements to lease a combined 330 stalls in it while the public could use the rest.


Councilman Dave Duax remarked his surprise that the ramp's cost has grown into the $10 million range.  

City Manager Russell Van Gompel noted the size increase, glass-encased stairwells, an elevator and some aesthetic features contributed to the estimate.


"We want to make it not like the parking ramp across the street (from City Hall)," he added.

The city estimates the 520-stall ramp would cost $9.7 million to $10.3 million, depending on which design is approved. The new plans are different from the June 2013 amendment of the downtown tax incremental financing district, which showed a $7.7 million 480-stall ramp.

The city has spent $9,500 for a consultant to help with the ramp's conceptual design, Solberg said, and would be looking to get more consulting work to further develop the designs.

If the council approves later this year to build the ramp, it could be constructed in 2015 and open in 2016.


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