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Posted: April 14, 2014 Puckabee's and its pets take a stroll; moving down Barstow Street

Furry visitors to S. Barstow Street, getting treated to a salon, have been watching passersby out the window for a couple of years, but now they'll get to take in the sights on the other end of S. Barstow Street. 
Puckabee's Canine Salon is moving from 24 S. Barstow to 515 S. Barstow. The eco-friendly pet salon, along with a few other businesses on the block, like Scandinavian Imports, Upland Distributing, and Christian Science Reading Room, are taking steps to relocate.
Melissa Kullman, owner of Puckabee's said "I looked at a couple of places, but I wanted to stay downtown. I made a decision that was best for my business."

With how unique of a business she runs, finding a new location was not an easy task, she said. Older buildings have plumbing that does not work well for pet bathing systems. The new location, however, just "happened to work," she said.  

Right now, Kullman's working on layout for her new space. She said she was able to set up suites in her current shop, that allowed pets to have windows to look out. She said the dogs watched the traffic and other activities and that helped the animals feel less confined. They went home to their owners feeling more calm.  

Kullman is hoping she can still provide that for the dogs, in her new location, which she'll be settling in this week. She plans to re-open doors Monday, April 14th.  

"I'm confident it will work out and I'll make a space to feel like home," Kullman said.    
















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