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Posted: April 7, 2014 Snow storms prove fruitful for Madison Street business

It was hard to miss the giant stack of snow blowers piled three high at the side of Barstow Auto Service at the beginning of the winter season.  Now, there are only a few left outside their door.

"It's been quite a bit higher, last year was pretty good and this year we surpassed that quite a bit," said Troy Gruhlke, co-owner of the auto shop.

Gruhlke said 130 snow blowers were ordered in August. That number dropped to only three new ones left in March.

"With the unpredictable weather here in the Midwest, many people are becoming 
 up with the chore of constant shoveling," Gruhlke said.   "Customers often talk about how they've had enough of shoveling their driveways or how they had an experience with an old snow blower that quit working for them in this weather."

The auto shop also specializes in snow blower repair for all models, which they have been doing for 50 years. They also have snow blower parts available for sale.

As for Gruhlke, himself, he has the same attitude toward the weather as many of his customers.

"I'm ready for grass, I'm on to selling lawn mowers, but you can't complain, you know? It's good for business." 

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