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Posted: March 27, 2014 Report released on Haymarket Plaza

If community members have their wish list come true, a future Haymarket Plaza would be a welcoming gathering place that is vibrant, creative, and family-friendly, with strong connections to the rivers and the larger community.

What's called the Haymarket parking lot site is a roughly 1.5 acre spot that the City of Eau Claire is exploring to develop. Through two placemaking workshops last November, community members were asked to think about the future of the site and four key qualities of successful public spaces-comfort and image, uses and activities, sociability, and access and linkages.

On March 11, a report was released as to the consensus of the workshops.

Here are a few key pieces, however the full report can be found here, on the City of Eau Claire website.

Haymarket Plaza Key Inspirations

Connections to the River
Theme, design, and use should reflect and feature the rivers and related
history; the meeting of the rivers is what makes the site unique. Visitors want
to "touch the river" with views being equally or more important than
physically touching the river.

The Community Gathering Place
Uniquely located to serve as a centralized meeting place. Trail connections
and riverwalk will make the Plaza a logical hub of bike and pedestrian traffic for
downtown. Design and amenities should be welcoming, foster sociability, and
reinforce sense of community.

The Nighttime Park
The Plaza should be a location to watch the sunsets and be energetic and
accessible after the sun goes down. Amenities (e.g., lighted features, fire
features) and programming should encourage nighttime and winter use.

Balance Active and Passive
Offer places to sit and linger, but also be active, dynamic, and playful. It should
be family friendly and attractive to everyone of all ages. Explore opportunities
to provide natural, quieter areas along the river with more active above as
part of main Plaza.

Connected to Phoenix Park, but not Phoenix Park
Design, landscaping, and amenities should be compatible with Phoenix Park,
especially along the riverwalk, but the primary uses and feel of the main Plaza
should be different and not duplicate.


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