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Posted: February 18, 2014 News on the Confluence Project

Below you will find articles from WQOW, related to the Confluence Project. These articles are from January and February of 2014, to find later articles and videos please visit WQOW's website at:

Charter Bank announces matching pledge for Confluence Project

Brief Description:

Charter bank will match $250,000 of their own funds made before March 31, 2014. The president of Charter Bank states "donations will help the development of downtown Eau Claire.  

Confluence Project: Eau Claire finance director responds to criticisms

Brief Description:

The Eau Claire Finance Director addresses TIFS, Tax Increment Financing, and the assertions made.


Confluence Project developer reacts to county-wide referendum

 Brief description:

The city council members will vote to put the referndum on the spring ballot.


New group supporting the Confluence Project targets young entrepreneurs

Brief Description:

The group 40 under 40, is a group of entrepreneurs that is giving their own money to support the confluence project. The seven founders are willing to match their donations.


County board pledges $3.5 million to Confluence Project, rests on spring referendum

Brief Description:

The Eau Claire County board voted to pledge $3.5 to the community arts portion of the Confluence Project. The money would be paid back in a 10 year period. The council plans to vote on the chapter oridance, on Tuesday January 28, 2014.


County committee to consider Confluence Project

Brief description:

Eau Claire County's considers the Confluence Project. In a budget survey 500 people answered a question about wether the county should provide funding. Tuesday, the county's administration committee will take public input before the committee considers a resolution to fund the project.





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