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Posted: February 13, 2014 Downtown business owner helps to give voice to local business owners with work in Washington

Mickey Judkins, owner of Details on Water Street was recently appointed to Buissness Forward's Local Leadership Council, which is a network of local business leaders throughout the country who work with Business Forward. Business Forward is a nonpartisan organization that works to engage business in the policy making process with Washington officials.

Forward is a nonpartisan organization that works to engage business in the policy making process with Washington officials.  "It is important for business to have a voice in the policy making, and when you bring together government officials and business leaders, they hear about an issue from both perspectives," said Judkins.

 In 2012 Business Forward brought more than 2,000 business leaders to the White House to meet with the President's economic advisors. Leaders who have participated in these meetings had their suggestions carried out in the Affordable Care Act, Jobs Act, three trade agreements and the President's budgets.

"The goal is to bring together business and government and work together to solve challenges," said Judkins. "Small business does not have expensive lobbyists that can lobby their position for them," she added, which is why Business Forward brings in local business leaders so they have an opportunity to be heard as well.

Judkins got involved this past year with Business Forward when she was invited to several meetings at the White House bringing local leaders with Washington officials. She was invited to sit on the council after her participation in discussions at the nation's capital. She is very passionate about the work she does, as it is challenging and involves research on topics to include everyone's requests.

"We can't afford to lose the economic gains we've made in this fragile economic recovery," Judkins said, adding it is important for business leaders to talk to their representatives on a local and national level. It is important to put political differences aside and work together to solve the economic challenges that are occurring.

Local business leaders often do not realize how much influence they have by getting involved and working together for a solution and this can help end "political brinkmanship," according to Judkins. She also stressed how important it is for business owners to work together with representatives for compromise, which she said, is the "heart of policy making."

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