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Posted: February 6, 2014 Hotel owners thinking about how they can work together

The Green Tree Inn will close in early spring, at which time the redesign and renovation process will begin. Owners say the new boutique hotel will "serve the needs of an increasingly active city center."

The team that will soon be transforming the Green Tree Inn and Suites is busy brainstorming. With the purchase details of the Green Tree finalized in November, and the announcement of the purchase of the former Ramada Hotel in January, the two new teams of owners are working together.

"We've discussed sharing certain services such as laundry, maintenance, transportation, etc. We can also save when procuring items for the hotels, as we'll buy supplies in higher numbers, said Zach Halmstad, a member of the partnership called Longform, LLC, the group that purchased the Green Tree.

The core owners are all residents of Eau Claire, and are intent on reopening the hotel late this year or early next year, as a creative and unique boutique hotel. Halmstad says those currently living in the hotel will be moved out by next month, and work will begin in early spring. Plans call for 30 modern and creative rooms, as well as activities that focus on music, arts, and recreation. The partners say this purchase adds to the momentum that's currently taking shape downtown.

The hotels will have very different identities, Halmstad said. "These are items that we hope are great attractions for the people of Eau Claire, and not just for travelers who are staying at the hotels."

Mike Schatz, Executive Director of Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. and the City's Redevelopment Authority, said the young team continues the recent private sector movement to take downtown to a higher, next level. "It's great to see emerging community leaders in the 30-something age group investing in the long-term vision of growing the downtown. These private sector-driven hotel properties, along with the under-construction JAMF office building, and Riverfront Terrace loft apartments will add substantial value to downtown."


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