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Posted: January 30, 2014 Tangled Up in Hue celebrates five years



Jamie Kyser and Erin Roesler knew they wanted to be a part of Downtown Eau Claire when they started their business in 2009. This month Tangled Up in Hue is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

"We like the atmosphere and the variety of patrons we get," said Jamie Kyser, co-owner of Tangled Up in Hue.

The shop offers a variety of hand-crafted items including painting, photography and pottery. Many of the pieces sold in store are made by artists from the Chippewa Valley.

Kyser said just being a part of the historic downtown atmosphere felt right to her and Roesler, which was why the shop opened on Barstow St.

Kyser said she and Roesler opened up this type of business because it was what they were most familiar with. Both owners always been creative and had previous experience in similar shops, so it felt natural to progress into opening Tangled Up in Hue. They both also wanted to support the local artist community.

Kyser said her favorite part of running the store is "meeting all the variety of talent and personalities because artists are so fun to work with."

Kyser and Roesler have a lot of ideas for the store's future. Both owners want to expand and are thinking of offering classes, but that will be in the far future, Kyser said.

Tangled Up in Hue will be hosting a five year anniversary party Feb. 7, from 6 to 9 p.m. The celebration will include live music, food, a free raffle, and all merchandise will be on sale for 20 percent off.



Co-owner of Tangled Up in Hue, Jamie Kyser, says she and co-owner Erin Roesler chose to have their business Downtown because of the atmosphere, and they're now celebrating five years in business.

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