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Posted: January 17, 2014 Would you like to show your support for the Confluence Project?


The proposed Confluence Project is one of the most important economic development opportunities to come before our community in decades, and is an integral piece to continuing the amazing growth and excitement that's been happening downtown.


The 21-member Downtown Eau Claire Inc. Board of Directors believes that this project would be a catalyst for:

  • New private sector investment in downtown
  • New restaurant and retail businesses
  • New enhancements to the riverfront
  • Bringing in local and touring performances   

Please take a moment to help ensure that the project moves forward.  There are two things you can do:

  • Help in getting positive Eau Claire County Board vote at its meeting on Tuesday, January 21.  If you live in Eau Claire County, you can contact all County Board Members. Simply call, e-mail, or talk with them in person - whichever you're most comfortable with - and let them know you support the County Board contributing to the project.  All of the Board Members and contact information can be found on the Community for the Confluence website.  Click here for that contact listing, and even find some sample letters you can use.  Would you like a few more details on the project?  Get those facts, here, on the website as well.
  • Add your name to the public list of supporters. Help show the strength and depth of business support in the community. You can help by adding your name, and that of your business, if you'd like, to the public list of project supporters that is being assembled. Click here to show your support at Community for the Confluence, and put your name on the list.  Also forward this e-mail and ask your co-workers, friends, and others to sign on.

Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. is dedicated to the revitalization of Downtown Eau Claire.  A strong downtown means a strong community for all those who live in the Chippewa Valley.  The Confluence Project is an important opportunity to move our local economy forward.  

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