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Posted: January 12, 2012 DECI Welcomes New Board Members

DECI Welcomes New Board Members


Downtown Eau Claire would like to welcome Jerry Bauer to the DECI Board of Directors.  Jerry is the founder and president of JB Systems, a company that specializes in website development.  It's located at 404 S. Barstow Street.  Jerry will, however, be representing the North Side Hill Neighborhood. He will serve a 2-year term.  Welcome Jerry!

Jerry is replacing Linda Soltis-Schroeder from the North River Fronts Neighborhood.  Linda has served on the Board for more than four years.  She and her husband Lane have given their time volunteering many hours at the festivals and giving their home for the Urban Living Tour.  Thank you Linda for your time and great knowledge!

 Also, Jason Manz of Manz Companies, recently accepted a seat on the Board.  Jason owns several properties in the North Barstow area and is representing the North Barstow/Medical BID.  He replaces Lisa Aspenson who stepped down in August. Welcome Jason!  Thank you Lisa for your service!

Thank you also to Lorraine Dixon who's stepping down from the Board.  Her products from Cadeaux Gifts, can now be found at various locations in Eau Claire.  Lorraine was a non-downtown representative.  Thank you Lorraine for your energy!


Thank you to the rest of our Board for serving in 2011!


Paula Kimbllin, DECI Board President

Robert Krause, Vice President

Ken Van Es, Treasurer

Mark Willer, Secretary


Jennifer Dooley

Marty Fisher-Blakely

Brad Groseth

Kerry Kincaid

Jeff Mares

Nick Meyer

Geoff Moeding

Dale Peters

Jennifer Pruden

Shawn Rauckman

Ben Richgruber

Mike Rindo

Caroline Roback

Cindy Wing-Reed

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