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Posted: November 14, 2013 The Goat moves down the street

A popular downtown coffee shop is moving, but just a little bit down the street. The Goat Coffee House is moving from 408 Water Street to 336 Water Street. Owner Ryan Bembnister said there's a lot of excitement, as he and his wife have been renting their current location for The Goat for about nine and half years.  Now they will own the new building.  "You're so limited when you rent.  It was a no-brainer."


Laura Bembnister said they were lucky to come across their new building which is the former Ralph's Shoes and Caye Insurance Agency.  She said the building's owner is a regular customer at The Goat, and offered to sell to them first, right about the time their lease was ending.  "Everything

 happened really fast!" Ryan Bembnister said.

The Bembnisters are remodeling the new space by removing a middle wall and renovating some entryways.  There will be fresh paint and a custom-made counter as well.  They expect to open at 408 Water Street around the second week of November.  "It's the coolest thing in the world, next to getting married and having kids!" Ryan Bembnister said. 

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