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Posted: November 14, 2013 Downtown businesses pair up in support and to offer unique services

Some downtown businesses are joining ranks and teaming up to support their local counterparts, and to offer some unique things to customers.


This past summer, while South Barstow Street was shut down because of construction, one North Barstow area business owner came up with a creative idea in support of those businesses owners who were on the closed street.  Frogiyo and Smiling Moose Deli owner Colleen Weber said she wanted to help, and offered a free frozen yogurt coupon to anyone that brought in a receipt from a business on South Barstow Street during the construction months.


Smiling Moose and Frogiyo are also pairing up with another downtown business owner. Downtown business owners Jerry and Meghan Bauer have ownership in a bakery.  According to Weber, Smiling Moose is offering the bakery's muffins and monster cookies, Frogiyo will have some items, and they're creating unique ice cream sandwiches for fundraising.


 The Bauers said they've always been strong downtown supporters.  " led us to thinking it would be cool to support one another, and to support 'going local.'  It's fun to work with, and help support people you know.   I think that's a great thing around the downtown culture, " Jerry Bauer said.


Saylon 7 and Blue Eye Studio have also joined up. Blue Eye has moved from its location to across the street, in to Saylon 7 on North Barstow Street.  Blue Eye will provide makeup services along with the normal salon services.


Sabrina Speigel-Kohrs, owner of Saylon 7, said Blue Eye Studio's move to the salon felt natural. The two businesses had collaborated together for a few years and worked together on projects like wedding parties for customers, she said. It just made sense to add the makeup element to the rest of the salon services, she said.


"I like the makeup idea," she said. "It adds to the uniqueness in here."


It also benefits customers. Speigel-Kohrs  used a 

wedding party as an example. Where the party once had to get hair and makeup done at two different places, Saylon 7 is now a one-stop shop.


"(Blue Eye Studio) has really helped add that 'something else' to Saylon 7," 

  Speigel-Kohrs said. "It really completes it."

A new downtown business, Fun Dye Factory, offers packages for customers

 that bring them to other downtown businesses as well. Their "Date Night" package, for example, includes two movie tickets for the Downtown Cinema and a gift card for drinks at Café Tempo. Owner Bobbi Potter said she's planning on expanding these types of packages. "I really think if we support each other, that's what's most important." 

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