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Posted: October 31, 2013 A twist on traditional trick or treating

By Megan Lowry

WEAU 13 News


Two-thirds of Americans polled by Associated Press say their kids will be trick or treating this year but not everyone is going door to door Halloween night.


Downtown Eau Claire's trick or treat event draws in more than 3,000 kids each year. Business on Barstow Street, Farwell, Graham Ave, Water Street and Grand Ave and in the Phoenix Park Area will be handing out candy.


"I can't believe how many kids come down here it's really quite the spectacle, it's a parade of kids and families and kids and costumes," Salina Heller with Eau Claire Downtown Inc. said.


The Downtown Trick or Treat Event starts runs from 3-5pm on Thursday (10/31).


To see WEAU's live report from downtown on last night's 6pm News, go here!

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