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Posted: October 10, 2013 Capsule Holds History

Those who unearth a time capsule on South Barstow Street in the future will be able to read about the current events on the day it was buried, September 21; they'll be able to see photos of the rebuilding of the street; and even have a peek at some play money that kids use to buy groceries with at the Children's Museum of Eau Claire.


"It's not every day that a street gets a brand-new look!  For South Barstow Street, it's been about 40 years, so we wanted to mark this important event in time, as part of history," said Salina Heller, Downtown Eau Claire, Inc.'s Communications and Promotions Coordinator.  


The watertight aluminum time capsule is a cylinder that's about 16 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.  "It's not that big, but we tried to include all that we could that was representative of the South Barstow area, its important history, and the feel of the times. We also asked downtown merchants for

 their suggestions and if they wanted to contribute items," Heller said.


The capsule includes: historical photographs of S. Barstow Street from about

 1950, photos during construction and upon completion, a September issue of

 DECI's News from Downtown Eau Claire, a Volume One magazine, a Leader Telegram from the day the capsule was buried, an Eau Claire postcard, a magnet that says "I love Eau Claire," an ink cartridge from One Source

   Imaging, play money from the Children's Museum, and a handwritten note.

The capsule is buried at the corner of S. Barstow Street and E. Grand Avenue under bricks in the boulevard.  It's marked on the surface by a plaque.  There's no unearthing date set, as it's assumed it will be unburied when it comes time for the street to be rebuilt again.  





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