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Posted: August 8, 2013 New Date for the South Barstow Ribbon-Cutting

After postponing the ribbon cutting celebration that was to take place on Wednesday, August 7, Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. has chosen a new date to unveil the new South Barstow Street. The ribbon cutting celebration will take place Friday, August 9 at the corner of South Barstow Street and East Grand Avenue.

The contractor deadline for the Barstow Street project is August 16. This means the contractor is still ahead of schedule, but will not recieve the entire 10 day incentive money. But, the re-opening of South Barstow is STILL 8 days ahead of schedule. Downtown Eau Claire business owners are excited to see this phase complete and happy that the street is ready more than a week ahead of schedule. 

South Barstow Street has undergone over two months of construction! Come down and check out the new street TOMORROW!

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