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Posted: July 22, 2013 North Barstow Street Parking Lot Update

From the City of Eau Claire:

Construction of the lot is complete.


 At this time the control arms are not being used and there is no active enforcement of the lot.


N. Barstow lot-finishedThe City of Eau Claire does not plan to use the gate control system until the JAMF building is complete and occupied.  However, if RCU employees are having parking access issues prior the occupancy of the JAMF building, the City can implement the gate control access system at that time.


Once the gates are active, entry to the lot will be made by the use of cards which will be issued to RCU and JAMF employees.  The gates can't be operated by credit cards.  The gates will be open after business hours.


Drivers do not need a card to exit the lot.

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