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Posted: July 22, 2013 The Calico Shoppe Celebrates its 20-Year Anniversary

Visitors to The Calico Shoppe, located on South Barstow Street, encounter a vast and unique array of fabrics. The 3,500 bolts of material vary in pattern from Dr. Seuss, Civil War era, Christmas-themed to those reminiscent of the 1930s.


The selection wasn't always that large, said owners Lynn and Dan Goelzer. The shop, preparing to celebrate its 20-year anniversary, started as a small space that contained 300 choices of fabric. What started out as a store born from "empty nest syndrome" and a desire to provide quality fabric slowly-but-surely grew into a full time career for the couple, 

Lynn Goelzer said.


Two decades of hard work has expanded the business with an add-on to the shop and a classroom above the store. As the shop grew, so did the customer base. It now includes people from Minnesota, Iowa and other surrounding states, Dan Goelzer said.


"Quilting has blossomed," Lynn Goelzer said. "It's becoming more popular every day."


It takes more than just providing a product to make a business successful enough to make a 20-year milestone, Dan Goelzer said. Becoming involved with the customers is just as important. Their newsletter, "Homespun Happenings," keeps them in contact with their customers, and ads and deals, punch cards and sales keep those customers coming back. The Calico Shoppe also offers fun classes and strives to know their customers, he said.


To celebrate its 20-year anniversary, The Calico Shoppe will be having a sale July 19-27. Patterns, books, notions and fabrics will be 20 percent off and a free coupon book will be given with each purchase. 

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