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Posted: July 8, 2013 New Name and New Patio and Outside Stage for Pizza Plus

Formerly known as Pizza Plus, The Plus is an older restaurant taking on a new perspective. Within the last year and a half, the restaurant welcomed new owner, Benny Haas, who said he has changed the focus of the restaurant. On the new list of goals of The Plus, he said, is exposing the downtown area to a fresh dining experience, good music and entertainment, and an innovative style of mixing the two.


Haas spent his first three months renovating the space. A new front sign was crafted, and on the inside, a “feel good” bar and dining atmosphere was created, Haas said. Sales increased twenty-five percent since it opened with the new owner, and he wants to continue that trend, despite the construction on South Barstow Street, he said.


In order to increase space and attract more of the younger, artistic crowd, The Plus will soon be introducing a patio on the Graham Avenue side of the restaurant, Haas said, where live entertainment can be played outside during the summer months. A stage will be installed for the outside bands to play on, but the patio will also serve as space for hosting large events, such as weddings, he said.


In line with making these large scale changes, Haas decided the name needed to be refocused. This decision came from the feeling that Pizza Plus seemed to say pizza comes first, then the extra parts of the dining experience come second. However, Haas wants the “Plus” side of the dining experience to be the restaurant’s forte, hence the decision to change the name, he said. Despite the changes, customers can continue to expect The Plus to bring great musical talents and food to their tables. 

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