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Posted: July 1, 2013 Pavilion is the new centerpiece for community garden

The community garden recently welcomed a new addition with a pavilion.  The structure is meant to expand on the shared aspect of the garden by offering a space of storage and shared use.


The new pavilion, City Councilman Andrew Werthmann said, is used for storage of gardening tools by those who work in and use the garden, and is also open to the public.


In fact, there was a wedding that just took place at the pavilion a couple weekends ago, according to Werthmann.


The pavilion was constructed earlier this year with an official ribbon cutting ceremony in June.


The community garden was started in 2009 and its purpose was to provide a source of healthy, locally grown foods for people in the area, Werthmann said.

 “The downtown area is considered a food desert,” he said. “We formed the garden with that perspective in mind,” he said.


If an area is thought of as a food desert, this means there is a lack of easily available healthy, fresh foods for the people living there.


Half the garden consists of rental gardens, where people can rent out plots of land, and the other half is a shared garden, where people can come and help maintain it as well as take home the food grown there.


The food not eaten in the shared garden is donated to the community table in Eau Claire.


Werthmann said there are several benefits the garden brings to the community.


“I think it's important to think about the bigger picture,” he said. “We're seeing the people realizing the benefit to have food grown locally … people in Wisconsin especially get it, and they know gardening is a way to be more self-sustaining and self-sufficient.”

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