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Posted: June 21, 2013 Tips for Businesses During Construction

Construction Tips 
You may have heard some of these things already!:
  • Stay informed, work together, increase marketing efforts.
  • If your storefront is surrounded by construction, consider making the back entrance the front.
  • Don't underestimate the power of advertising in your local newspaper and on your local television and radio stations, before, during and after construction.
  • Be sure to include information about entrance availabilities and parking in all your advertising.
  • Do you have an anniversary or special event coming up? Send out a press release to get free publicity.
  • Share customer databases and do joint mailings with other businesses.
  • Develop reciprocal, cross-selling promotions with other businesses - "With any $25.00 purchase at Julie's Florist, receive a 20% discount at Joe's Hardware."
  • Be proactive - look for ways to expand your business during construction:
    • Offer delivery service as a convenience to your customers who want to avoid the construction
    • Extend your hours to "off construction" hours and offer special events/sales
    • Create special promotions on certain days of the week when your business is slow
    • Offer promotions to construction workers such as providing an additional 10% off

See more tips from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation here: 


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