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Posted: June 21, 2013 Latest Construction Schedule-Released June 20

Tentative Timeline for the Next Couple of Weeks  
The curb and gutter is complete!  Now on to the sidewalks!  They'll be doing one side of one block per day!
Remember this schedule is TENTATIVE and can change:
S. Barstow Street - Lake Street to Eau Claire Street 
  • Removal of street light poles has been completed. Concrete removal has been completed. Utility work has been completed. Grading and graveling has been completed.
  • Electrical/sound/irrigation conduit has been completed.
  • Sidewalk removal and replacement began on Monday, June 17th.
    Curb and gutter has been completed.
  • Light pole bases from Lake Street to E. Grand Avenue to be completed by Wednesday, June 26th.
  • Setting forms on east side for concrete pavement is tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 24th.
  • Concrete pavement on east side is tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 1st.
  • Madison Street/Forest Street Intersection Pavers
    Replacement of the pavers is tentatively scheduled for Monday, June 24th. 

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